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About Us

World Wide Initiatives (WWI) is a USA organization dedicated to bringing sustainable economic & community development to the most vulnerable people around the world. Founded in 2013 by a network of experienced professionals committed to impacting lives through economic and community development, WWI has team-members dispersed in strategic countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our dedicated teams bring international business, consulting, and development experience and expertise to the complex problems faced by the vulnerable populations they serve.

Our team also recognizes the importance of understanding the specific contexts where they work. For this reason, long-term investment and local partnerships are key to our approach.

Lasting Change Comes from Within

Catastrophes over the last several decades have provided enormous learning opportunities from the successes (and failures) in economic and community development.

The diversity and challenge of international community development is immense. Add to that: no two contexts are the same, solutions to complex and long-standing challenges are situation-specific, and invariably linked with community culture, society, and history.

  • WWI’s hopes of achieving lasting change cannot only come from outside and are never simple.
  • Our team members typically invest for long periods in their locations, learn the local language and develop in-depth (not just theoretical) understanding of the social and economic context.
  • We then work in close partnership with key community leaders and institutions.
  • We emphasize in-depth analysis and continual learning / question-asking to establish a strong foundation of insight for all our initiatives.
  • We develop genuine relationships and working partnerships with local individuals and institutions key to providing initial and long-term leadership and progress within their communities. .
  • Through this, we aim to facilitate catalyzation of change from within., Change that fit the society, the culture, and the context - and - which will provide lasting enhancement to entire communities.

Projects we Champion:

Business: (business planning, swot analysis, problem solving, dilemma flipping, boot strapping.

Family: (honoring the family, appreciating that the business impact can bless and burden the family. That in the family business, conflict resolution in these high-stakes relationships is even more essential. Serve in family business consultation and conflict reconciliation.

Personal: Provide life coaching through personal goals. Everything from processing an important decision, health coaching, breaking a habit that is holding you back, working on a personal mission statement, coaching on personal finance, training on how to get a job, Individual Development Plan or developing an employable skill.