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Care for All People

World Wide Initiatives (WWI) is a USA organization dedicated to bringing sustainable economic & community development to the most vulnerable people around the world. Founded in 2013 by a network of experienced professionals committed to impacting lives through economic and community development, WWI has team-members dispersed in strategic countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our dedicated teams bring international business, consulting, and development experience and expertise to the complex problems faced by the vulnerable populations they serve. Our team also recognizes the importance of understanding the specific contexts where they work. For this reason, long-term investment and local partnerships are key to our approach.

One of the key Projects we Champion:
  • Business: (business planning, swot analysis, problem solving, dilemma flipping, boot strapping.
  • Family: (honoring the family, appreciating that the business impact can bless and burden the family. That in the family business, conflict resolution in these high-stakes relationships is even more essential. Serve in family business consultation and conflict reconciliation.
  • Personal: Provide life coaching through personal goals. Everything from processing an important decision, health coaching, breaking a habit that is holding you back, working on a personal mission statement, coaching on personal finance, training on how to get a job, Individual Development Plan or developing an employable skill.
Want to Join? Here are the typical roles at WWI
Development Specialist (ex: micro-finance, rural community development, Water Hygiene & Sanitation, peace-building and conflict-resolution, migration and refugee expert, etc.), Researcher, Job-training and Career-development, Project-management, Personal/career coaching and training, Consulting (for organizations working in economic and community development)…and more!